Flybusters Ecobuster Basic Full Set- Limited Stock - FlybustersArabia
Flybusters Ecobuster Basic Full Set - FlybustersArabia

Flybusters Ecobuster Basic Full Set

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Set of : 

.: 1 Automatic Dispenser with  Duracell Batteries
.: 1 Flybusters Ecobuster Aerosol
Dispenser Instruction Manual Download
 Instructions for 
Exclusively as means to combat flying insects in home-, work– and other spaces. To be used as insecticide, repels and kills flying insects like flies, mosquitos and moths.

Way of usage and Dosage:
Efficacy spray, every 10-20 minutes on the designated hours per day. 

Active substances:
pyrethrinen (chrysanthemum cineraria folium) 1,5% Piperonylbutoxide (synergist; methyldioxybenzeenderivaat) 15 %

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